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It doesn’t make sense

I was reading the story about the dad who has to go to Iowa to work when him and his family live in Minnesota.

He had been working there for six months and the kids were beginning to hate him because he was never home.

They got their story in a bunch of major magazines and almost got their own reality show.

Ummm, my dad began working out of town when I was eight and when I was thirteen, he moved out of state.

Where’s my published story and reality show?!?

I want a guy

Who imagines being in an action movie when we play with fireworks

Who dances to a good song in the car

Who acts like a complete fool when he’s around me

And then doesn’t care when I act like a complete fool around him

And we can act like complete fools with each other

Cause I adore him and he adores me and we’re together in a world of adorableness

Basically, I want a Charles Trippy and Alli Speed relationship

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